This exercise (title: an exercise that might help) is included in kotter & cohen, and outlined on pages 33-34.

Please read the “Alaska Airlines: Navigating Change” case study and answer the questions in the attached word document (the questions are from the exercise outlined in the Kotter and Cohen reading).
Assignment Description:
You are required to complete one application exercise, involving a written analysis of an organization or subunit of your choosing. This exercise (title: An Exercise That Might Help) is included in Kotter & Cohen, and outlined on pages 33-34. The purpose of this assignment is help you apply the principles of organizational change and process as targeted by Kotter & Cohen.
The written analysis should be no more than 7 pages in length (including references) and focus upon answering the questions outlined in the exercise, in a creative, reflective, and analytical manner.
Evaluation: Rubric for evaluating this assignment is as follows:
Organization (15%): Was the organization pattern (i.e. introduction and conclusion, sequenced material within the body, and transitions) clearly and consistently observable and skillful? Did the organization pattern make the content of the presentation cohesive?
Communication (20%): How clear and coherent was your writing? Did you make language choices that enhance the effectiveness of the writing? Did you write clearly using Standard English free of errors in grammar or syntax? Was language choice appropriate to the audience?
Research (15%): Did you correctly cite relevant (and a combination of) scholarly and practice-based research? Did you reference others’ work appropriately?
Content Development (30%): Did you include all the relevant information that was needed to develop an interesting and well-informed assignment?
Critical Thinking/ Reflection (20%): Did you just describe information, or go further to exhibit critical thinking skills (i.e., synthesize multiple ideas, evaluate the merits of ideas and recommend sound and supportable actions derivbcied from research and analysis)?

Criminal Law

Do you feel the events of 9/11 stimulated more interaction with muslims?

Interview Analysis
Please interview at least two (or more) friends, relatives, colleagues, etc. to ascertain answers to the following questions:
What impact did the events of 9/11 have on their sense of security/vulnerability?
Do they agree or disagree with the U.S. response to the attacks?
Which aspects of the U.S. response do they feel have been most successful and effective?
Which aspects of the U.S. response do they feel have been least effective or even counter-productive?
Do they feel safer now than they did after 9/11? Why, or why not?
What areas of vulnerability do they think have not been addressed that should be?
The U.S. is a melting pot; do you believe interaction with people with different religious practices help to enrich the cultural life of our country? Do you feel the events of 9/11 stimulated more interaction with Muslims?
Be sure to ask detailed follow-up questions. Here are some suggestions to get you started.
Do they agree or disagree with the term “War on Terrorism”? Do they think the “war” will ever be “won,” and all terrorist threats completely eliminated? If they disagree on the term, what would they suggest as an alternative?
Do they feel civil liberties, including privacy rights, have been curtailed significantly in the wake of the U.S. response? If so, in what way? Is some curtailment of some civil liberties for some individuals a necessary step, even if not ideal? Do they agree with the government’s justifications for wiretapping, etc.?
Do they agree with holding captured suspects indefinitely without charge? Or do they think suspects should enjoy due process and be tried in civilian courts?
What are their thoughts on secret prisons, extraordinary rendition, and the enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay?
Do they agree with the rationale behind the invasion of either Afghanistan or Iraq or both?
Are citizens of other countries at all justified in their negative view of America’s stand in the world?
Write a 3−5-page paper identifying the specific questions on which your interview subjects differ and articulate the interviewee’s reasoning behind those answers.
Share your opinion on the same questions, and on the subjects’ answers. Did any of their answers change your mind, or cause you to rethink your own opinion? If so, how? If not, why not?
As you analyze your responses to the same questions, think about how these feelings will impact your current or future organization. How will your perspectives toward other cultures and diversity impact your day-to-dbciay actions with an organization?


This is a position paper.

Please see attached document for paper specifications. This is a position paper. Please follow the guidelinbcies for the paper attached.


Some ideas of micro political issues that you can choose between (but not limited to):

The purpose of the second assessment task is to enable you to demonstrate your understanding of either or both the Micro and Macro aspects of politics in healthcare and therefore demonstrate your ability to satisfy the Intended Learning Outcomes (ILO’s) of:
Analyse the social and theoretical understanding of the micro-political effects of the acute care context which can affect the ways in which nurses’ work.
Discuss the tensions produced between the macro- and micro-political realities of healthcare in relation to the advancement of the nursing profession and the provision of quality patient care.
Critically analyse the influence of various political factors on career advancement and the recruitment and retention of nurses in Australia.
Please note: You cannot use the same topic as your first assessment item due in this subject, your topics should be totally different from each other.
For Assessment task 2 you need to write a paper that covers:
Recruitment and retention in nursing is a recurring issue within the current political health workforce climate. Discuss your thoughts on how the micro politics of health enables or disables effective recruitment and retention.
Some ideas of micro political issues that you can choose between (but not limited to):
Horizontal violence
Powbcier relations
Oppressed group behaviour
Staffing issues


– in the apology, socrates narrates his initiation on the path of questioning.

Question to be answered:
– In the Apology, Socrates narrates his initiation on the path of questioning. Being told that the Oracle prophesized that he was the wisest man in Athens, moved him to try to prove the prophecy wrong and got him a number of enemies. In many ways Socrates, as a philosopher, shares similarities with prophets. They were both divinely inspired to pursue a path that leads to their persecution and perhaps even death. And yet, a philosopher is different from a prophet or philosophy is different from religion. Reflect on the similarities and differences between the role of the philosopher/philosophy and prophet/religion in relation to society.
– Can use up to 4 references from Plato’s Apology, but no other references allowed.
– So please write this as if its ur first philosophical essay with no hard terms or concepts, except maybe some basic stuff from Plato’s Apology
-Use first person to show my voice as it’s important concerning the grading
– creativity has a big grade, so be creative as much as possible.
**Your answer should reflect a clear thesis/argument that is validated through textual analysis and exhibits a clear understanding of Plato’s Apology
-Thbciis is a note from the professor^^


Pick 1 of these pieces of literature:

Pick 1 Of These Pieces of Literature:
“Waiting For Lefty” by Clifford Odets
“The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson
Using The Piece of Literature That You Just Picked, What is symbolic in this piece of literatubcire and why?
no citations needed


• body of assignment (questions related to case need to be answered)

Informatics in Health Care (Information System in Health Care)
– 3000-3500 wordcount
– Table of Contents
– 15 references (APA 7th edition Style)
The assignment is case based so,
• Executive summary
• Table of content
• Introduction
• Body of assignment (questions related to case need to be answered)
• Conclusion / Recommendation if any
• References (in-text + citation) to be used. 15 references (APA 7th edition Style).
Note: This assignment is based on a healthcare organization of your choice. You can choose the healthcare organization you work for or any other healthcare organization you are familiar with.
Task: You are taking the role of an informatics consultant specializing in healthcare who has a client organization (your client is the healthcare organization of your choice). As an external consultant you will need to carry out an assessment of informatics as currently used by your client organization. The client organization requests a set of recommendations on how they can improve their informatics systems in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness of processes. You should produce a report including the following issues:
1. Analyse the informatics systems currently used by your client organization.
2. Carry an in-depth investigation into one particular informatics system that enhances operational efficiencies used by your client organization and discuss recommendations for how this system can be improved.
3. Assess the ethical implications of dealing with data and discuss policies that are implemented in your client organization to mitigate ethical issues.
Use a mix of academic sources (books and journal articles) and non-academic sources (websites, news articles, specialist magazines, other publications etc.) to support your claims throughout.
A minimum of 15 references should be used here.
Total Wordcount:3500-4000
Suggested Structure:
– Title page
– Table of Contents
– Executive summary (one paragraph summary of each key part of the report) Introduction (aim of the study, structure of report, organizational overview) – approx. 400 words (10 marks)
1. Analysis of informatics systems used in the client organization – approx. 1000 words (25 marks)
2. Investigation of one informatics system in the client organization + recommendations – approx. 1000-1300 words (25 marks)
3. Ethical issues and policies – 800 words (20 marks)
– Conclusions (10 marks)
– References (10 markbcis)
– Appendix (optional)

Criminal Law

Should you have any questionbcis, please let me know.

Attached you will find the instructions and articles needed for this assignment.
Should you have any questionbcis, please let me know.


New york: the city of new york mayor & c40 cities.

Develop a framework to evaluate the quality of climate change plans. Then, use the framework to evaluate the plan:
New York: The City of New York Mayor & C40 Cities. (2017). 1.5oC Aligning New York City with the Paris Climate Agreement.
Make recommendations that will improve the plan.
I have attached a detailed task description. Please go through the task details, the format of the report, and the criteria and ensure the report meets the requirement. The minimum references shoubcild be 8. Thank you.


Sometimes, however, cellular mutations occur.

Cellular reproduction and genetic mutations are closely related. As cells reproduce, they usually produce exact copies of themselves. Sometimes, however, cellular mutations occur. Genetic mutations are alterations to the sequences of DNA that comprise genes.
Identify two genetic mutations or genetic disorders. What do you find significant or intriguing about these mutations or disorders?
Does genetic testing exist for either disorder? Explain.
Do you think that babies should be tested for either of these mutations or disorders before or at birtbcih? Why or why not?